Best Caribbean Islands for Snorkeling

1. The Cayman Islands offer some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean with crystal clear waters and diverse marine life.

2. Bonaire is known for its pristine coral reefs and is a popular destination for experienced snorkelers.

3. The US Virgin Islands have a variety of snorkeling spots, including Trunk Bay which has an underwater trail.

4. Aruba has several shipwrecks that are popular snorkeling sites, including the Antilla which is one of the largest wrecks in the Caribbean.

5. The Bahamas have some of the clearest waters in the world and offer a variety of snorkeling experiences, including swimming with sharks.

6. St. Lucia has a unique snorkeling experience with its underwater sculpture park.

7. Grenada is home to the world's first underwater sculpture park and has several other snorkeling spots with diverse marine life.

8. Curacao has over 65 snorkeling sites, including the Mushroom Forest which is a popular spot for its unique coral formations.

9. Dominica is known for its volcanic activity which has created unique snorkeling spots, including Champagne Reef which has warm bubbles rising from the ocean floor.

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