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South America Cruises

Book your South America Cruises with the cruise experts at Vacations-IslandTours.

South America is…

  • A tango in the night…
  • Carnaval on a white sand beach…
  • majestic fjords and dramatic mountain peaks..
  • realizing a romantic dream…

…that is South America.

Take a South American Cruise filled with magic and mystery.

From sophisticated cities to vast wilderness frontiers, South America is a continent of staggering diversity. From Andean Glaciers and Chilean Fjords to Argentina and the Falklands, the beauty and charm of South America await you. Everywhere the magic and mystery of this continent permeates the air, each region with its own unique flavor and pageantry. You will surely be caught up in the thrill of adventure that is so much part of these unforgettable countries.

The itineraries available can be described in three basic terms

  • Pacific Coast itinerary – this itinerary originates on the Pacific Coast side of North America, usually Los Angeles or San Diego, and then cruises along the Central and South America Coast to ports along the way, generally all the way to Valparaiso, Chile.
    A variation of this itinerary are the Galapagos cruises which generally originate out of Quito to the Galapagos Islands.
  • Cape Horn Cruise – this itinerary usually originates in Santiago (Valparaiso), Chile and then sets a course south around Terra del Fuego and Cape Horn (the most southerly point of the continent) usually to Rio de Janeiro, Argentina on the Atlantic Coast. The reverse itinerary is usually traveled by the same vessels.
    A variation of this itinerary are the explorer cruises which use either Russian or Radisson Explorer ships departing from Ushaia to travel further into the Antarctic.
  • Southern Caribbean– these itineraries originate in one of the Gulf ports of the USA and then travel the Caribbean usually into the Amazon River all the way to Manaus. Or they originate in Manaus and travel to Rio de Janeiro and other ports along the Atlantic Coast. Some sailings are timed so that they arrive in Rio for Carnaval. A variation of this itinerary is the cruise originating in on of the USA Gulf ports, transiting the Panama Canal and then sailing down the Pacific Coast of South America.

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