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All Inclusive Best Resorts in Zakynthos Island 2023

Let’s check out the best resorts in Zakynthos or Zante Island.

The gorgeous island of Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is located in the Ionian Sea and is known for its breathtaking beaches, clear waters, and verdant landscapes. Every traveler can find something to enjoy in Zakynthos, whether they’re looking for a relaxing vacation, a fun-filled family trip, or a romantic getaway.

Discover the best in luxury and comfort at the top resorts in Zakynthos. Each resort offers a distinctive fusion of ancient Greek hospitality and contemporary amenities, ranging from charming studios to roomy villas.

The famed Caretta-Caretta sea turtle sanctuary, the magnificent Blue Caves, and shipwreck beach are just a few of the many attractions Zakynthos has to offer. Enjoy exhilarating water activities, mouthwatering regional cuisine, and spellbinding sunsets.

Reserve a room at one of Zakynthos’ best resorts and watch the magic of the place come to life. The resorts in Zakynthos offer a world of limitless options, from tranquil spa treatments to exhilarating excursions.

Plan your ideal getaway right away and experience Zakynthos’ beauty and vibrancy!

Alikanas Resort, Zante

This resort is located next to another well-known Alikes resort. However, it is not nearly as saturated with tourists as Alikes. The two resorts are separated by roughly one kilometer. They are adjacent to each other thanks to their beaches. The entire area in which Alikanas is located belongs to the northern part of the island of Zakynthos. The distance of this resort from the capital of Zakynthos is about 20 kilometers.

resorts in zakynthos
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The resort got its name Alikanas from the salt mines called alykes in Greek, which are not located in the immediate vicinity of this resort. Accommodation in Alikanas should not be the slightest problem. You can choose from several options where to stay. Hotels offer the most luxurious accommodation, of course, but you can also live in private apartments or bungalows. Dining is provided thanks to several local restaurants and taverns.

It is not a problem to taste many of the Greek and especially Zakynthos specialties. In the evening, your sitting will be accompanied by live music, which will enhance the experience of a beautiful stylish sitting with excellent food. There are also several shops by the coast selling souvenirs of all kinds. For many, of course, the biggest attraction on their vacation is the beach. The one in Alikanas has a sandy surface, and even beginners and non-swimmers will enjoy it, as the entrance to the sea is gradual. The water is clean and transparent.

If you do not want to lie on the sand and the excessive heat of the sun will make you sick, it is not a problem to rent a sunbed and a parasol. This service costs approximately 5 Euros. Alikanas offers great possibilities to spend your free time. It lies in a beautiful environment of a fertile plain, in which you will see olive trees and other green wild plants growing around you. You can also use various vehicle and motorcycle rental companies to travel around this resort and beyond.

The localities, which are characterized by archaeological monuments, are certainly worth a visit. You can also ride on boats. Excursions to the nearby Blue Caves, or to the beach with the wreck of the Navagio pirate ship, are very popular. Last year, such a full-day trip cost about 20 Euros, which is definitely worth it for the beauty that some places on Zakynthos offer. In the evenings, this resort is relatively quiet, so you can easily enjoy a walk along the coast as the sun sets.

Vassilikos Resort in Zakynthos

If you head to the south-eastern part of the island of Zakynthos, you will reach the resort of Vassiliki. Vassilikos is one of the popular resorts in zakynthos

It lies approximately 10 kilometers from the capital of Zakynthos. The town of Vassiliki is mainly distinguished by its typical appearance, which is given to it by the ubiquitous olive trees and coniferous forests. Life in Vassiliki is not as exuberant as it is in other resorts such as Laganas, and people come here who are primarily looking for peace and quiet on their vacations. Accommodation in Vassiliki is possible both in hotels and in private apartments. There are also a lot of beautiful stylish restaurants, where seafood delicacies are most often prepared. In addition to restaurants and taverns, Vassiliki also offers discos.

The main attraction for visitors to Vassiliki is the beaches. There are several of them here and they are some of the most famous beaches on the whole island. You will be able to choose, for example, the beaches of Agios Nikolaos, Gerakas, Porto Zoro or Banana Beach. All beaches are suitable for swimming with small children. The surface of most of them consists of fine yellow sand. A very wide range of water sports can be used. Directly on the beaches, there are rental shops for various tools that are needed to practice these sports.

Among the water sports that are practiced most often on the local beaches are, for example, water skiing or riding jet skis. But people also like to go here for diving and snorkeling. Especially Banana Beach and Porto Zoro are very well equipped. On this beach, located about 5 kilometers from Vassiliki, thanks to the rocky outcrops, you can be sure that you will not be disturbed by the wind that blows from time to time on the island of Zakynthos.

Directly on the beaches, there are rental shops for various tools that are needed to practice these sports. Among the water sports that are practiced most often on the local beaches are, for example, water skiing or riding jet skis. But people also like to go here for diving and snorkeling. Especially Banana Beach and Porto Zoro are very well equipped. On this beach, located about 5 kilometers from Vassiliki, thanks to the rocky outcrops, you can be sure that you will not be disturbed by the wind that blows from time to time on the island of Zakintos.

The surroundings of Vassiliki are picturesque. You will walk among beautiful green groves and vineyards. If you want to go for a ride, for example on horseback, there is no problem in securing this ride, as the ranch is also located here. Many people prefer to rent their own vehicle. In Vassiliki, you will be able to rent a car, a motorcycle, or even a bicycle. You can also get to Vassiliki by bus.

The line connection with the capital is regular and buses stop here quite often. When visitors are no longer interested in staying only in Vassiliki, they can, for example, go on a boat trip to the famous bay with Navagio beach, where the wreck of a smuggler’s ship is located. It was left here by the pirates and is slowly being eaten away by the ravages of time.

Tsilivi Resort Zante

We would look for the Tsilivi resort in the eastern part of the island of Zakynthos. It is approximately 7 kilometers from the capital of Zakynthos.

tasilivi zante zakintos

It is a paradise for lovers of sun, beautiful clean fine sand and all activities connected to the sea. Although the area of ​​the town of Tsilivi is not large, there are several shops with both basic food and souvenirs. Another advantage is the fact that it is possible to visit a doctor right in the city in case of health problems.

The main attraction of Tsilivi is, of course, the local beach. It is popular with tourists mainly due to its vastness. It is covered with golden sand. Evening walks along the sea coast are especially romantic, during which you will walk with your bare feet in the fine golden sand. Various snack bars, taverns and also many shops where you can find traditional Zakynthos items are scattered along the beach. Restaurants in the town center offer many different specialties.

You will be able to taste both local and Central European cuisine. Of course, you can’t forget the option of fast food. Tsilivi also offers a very varied and lively nightlife. You can easily spend the evening in a tavern or indulge in karaoke in one of the bars. You can also visit a disco, but if you want really wild fun, Thanks to its location, Tsilivi also offers the possibility of various trips to the surrounding area.

Quite often, tourists go to admire the traditional life of the local people nearby inland of the island. The picturesque villages, where the people make a living mainly from herding and agriculture, are definitely worth seeing. It is definitely worth seeing the traditional way of growing olives or tasting some of the local wines. Tourists probably most often go to the most famous place on the island of Zakynthos – Pašerácká zátok, where there is an old rusty wreck of a former pirate ship. The beach can only be reached by boat.

Hotels, apartments and studios in this area offer their guests absolute luxury, but many certainly cannot resist the beautiful walks around the area. They can admire the beauty of vineyards or olive groves. Tsilivi also has a bus stop and the connection to the capital with other locations is very good, so it is not a problem to go on a trip to the capital of Zakynthos, for example. Directly in Tsilivi, you can rent one of the means of transport at the local rental office.

Laganas Resort in Zakynthos

The resort of Laganas is probably the most popular destination on the entire island of Zakynthos. Laganas is one of the popular resorts in zakynthos

It was built on the southern part of the island. It was especially popular with very demanding visitors who love luxury in the form of beautiful luxury hotels with swimming pools and many wellness services.

The local beach is especially unique in Laganas. You will certainly be captivated by its large expanse. It is a respectable 10 kilometers. It is ranked among the longest beaches in Greece. The surface of the beach is sandy. The Ionian Sea that washes this beach is crystal clear and the shores are not steep at all, so you will be able to go into the water even with small children. Services such as renting sunbeds and umbrellas or renting equipment for water sports are a matter of course on the beach.

Water skiing is one of the most popular sports on the local coast. A lot of tourists go here, but also to dive. During certain periods, traffic on the beach in Laganas is largely restricted due to the presence of the giant carp that come here to lay their eggs. These prohibitions consist mainly of restricting movement on the beach in the evening or in the prohibition of sticking parasols in the sand. Laganas also offers a large number of souvenir shops located very close to the beach. You can also visit some of the many taverns and restaurants. Bars are also located right next to the beach.

The nightlife in Laganas is considered by many to be the most exuberant on the island of Zakynthos. The entire beach turns into one big pulsating disco in the evening within a few tens of minutes. Young people will be able to choose from several different musical styles. The resort of Laganas boasts a very good bus connection. You can get from there thanks to public bus transport both to the capital of Zakynthos and to the airport. The bus stop is located at the end of the main street by the beach. In Laganas you can also rent one of the means of transport. Walking through the city is also beautiful.

Lasganas is also a frequent starting point for day trips by boat. They are incredibly popular among tourists. Most often, tourists go to the Blue Caves. This natural phenomenon is beautiful and completely unique. The next destination is the beach with the wreck of the Navagio ship, which you cannot get to except by boat. Animal lovers will certainly not miss a cruise on the Marathonissi. It is a beautiful island, which is often referred to as Turtle Island, because the giant tortoises live here.

Kalamaki Beach Resort in Zakynthos

The resort of Kalamaki seems ideal for a peaceful family vacation. Kalamaki is one of the popular resorts in zakynthos

It is located in the southeastern part of the island of Zakynthos. The landscape around the resort is magical thanks to the contrast of green-covered cliffs and beautiful sand-covered beaches. From the beach at Kalamaki, you will also have a breathtaking view of one of the highest mountains in the area – Mount Skolpos with an altitude of 483 meters.

The beach in Kalamaki is made up of very fine deep yellow sand. It is ideal for children’s games in the form of building various castles and other buildings. The entrance to the sea is relatively gentle, which is sure to be appreciated by families with small children. Kalamaki is also connected to the clear water in which the giant loggerhead turtle lives. It is the presence of these turtles that is a big attraction for tourists.

In connection with these turtles, traffic is also adjusted on Kalamaki beaches. For example, all water sports are prohibited. For them, tourists will have to go to one of the neighboring resorts. However, the absence of water sports further enhances the peace and comfort that visitors to this resort will have here. At the end of the entire beach in Kalamaki, there is also a nudist beach. Although it is not official, fans of bathing without swimsuits have traditionally stayed here.

Kalamaki is a fairly traditional resort and its main street is lined with a variety of souvenir shops, convenience stores, as well as various taverns and bars. The staff of taverns is used to the frequent presence of children and subordinates the composition of their menu to this. Otherwise, for adults, these taverns offer cheap but high-quality wines from local vineyards and Greek specialties such as moussaka.

Fish is also a common dish offered in restaurants. Local chefs can adjust them in several ways. People who love exuberant evening and night entertainment look for a disco located right in Kalamaki. But you can easily walk to the discotheques in the nearby towns of Argass and Laganas. There is a regular bus line from Kalamaki to the capital of Zakynthos.

But you can also go for walks in your free time. An interesting route is undoubtedly the one leading to the gypsum rocks. These are better known as the High Stones among the local people. There are also frequent cruises to the famous Navagio beach where you can see the old wreck of a smuggling ship. This beach has become a kind of symbol of the entire island of Zakynthos and can only be reached by sailing on the sea. There are also several stalls with refreshments and souvenirs.

Argasi Resort in Zante

One of the most popular places in all of Zakynthos is the resort of Argassi.

It is located in the southeastern areas of the island of Zakynthos. This resort is only a few kilometers away from the capital. The location of Argassi is characterized by beautiful unspoiled nature dominated by Mount Skopos in the background. Its height is 700 meters above sea level. If you go to the top of this mountain, after a relatively difficult climb, you will be rewarded with a wonderful view of the entire Argassi area.

You can see the capital of Zakynthos as if in the palm of your hand. On the way to the top, you will definitely see beautiful green bushes and flowering herbs with colorful butterflies flying around. The center of Argassi itself can be easily reached using the city’s public transport. But you can easily come here by taxi or some borrowed means of transport.

Around Argassi, it will be possible to choose from many activities that can be grown here. Lovers of historical monuments can go on a tour of an ancient Roman stone bridge, a medieval tower or churches or monasteries. Accommodation options are very diverse in this resort. You will be able to orient yourself according to your own budget, but also according to your taste.

You can live in Argassi in a hotel, a bungalow, but also in private studios and villas. Most of the canteen restaurants in Argassi offer specialties of homely Greek cuisine, so gourmets will surely not be able to resist. However, it is not a problem to come across international cuisine.

Music and movement associated with dreams are also inherent to Argassi. Some taverns play live music in the evening. But most people concentrate on discos and bars, where it really comes alive at night. Live projections of sports matches in so-called sports bars are well-known in Argassi. In some restaurants and businesses, various singing competitions are prepared for clients. There are also shops on the streets with all kinds of souvenirs that will remind you of your stay in Zakynthos.

The beach in Argassi is very long, but in width it is not so cheerful. To be honest, all tourists can find comfort here. You will have standard beach equipment such as umbrellas, sunbeds and showers. You will be able to enjoy several water sports to your heart’s content. Examples include paragliding, jet skiing or water skiing. At the coast, you can easily play mini-golf or let your children go on several inflatable attractions. There is even a mini zoo here.

Amoudi resort in zakynthos

For those looking for a very peaceful vacation, the Amoudi resort is perfect. We can find it in the northeastern tip of the island of Zakynthos.

Amoudi is represented by a beach and also a small village. Life in this area seemed to go very slowly and peacefully and people didn’t think about anything. But everything contrasts with the top amenities of the beaches and areas characterized by exuberant summer life.

The center of everything happening in the Amoudi area is, of course, the beach. We can find it approximately 1 kilometer east from the Damnoni resort and 4 kilometers in the same direction from the next Plakias complex. A larger city located near Amoudi is Rethymno. It lies 30 kilometers north. The surface of the beach in Amoudi is sandy. Its length is approximately 500 meters and its width is a respectable 100 meters.

The great advantage of this beach is the fact that there is almost no wind here, as it is protected on both sides by rock massifs that are able to stop any stronger winds. These rocky outcrops even reach the sea level, up to 50 meters in length. At the easternmost tip of the beach flows a stream that soon flows into the Ionian Sea. Although Damnoni beach is located right in the neighborhood of Amoudi, it is quite difficult to get over the rock massif and if you want to visit Amoudi, the ideal route is the one leading inland around the small village of Lefkogia.

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If you have an all-terrain vehicle at your disposal, you can also reach Amaudi beach along the coast.
So what does Amaudi offer its visitors? In addition to beautiful swimming and sunbathing on the local beach, you will also be able to engage in some water sports. We could mention diving as an example. Snorkeling lovers will literally find their paradise here. Thanks to the fact that the water is completely clean, their dives will be full of experiences from what they manage to see. The purity of the water is also confirmed by the blue flag displayed on the beach.

Amoudi also offers, among other things, beautiful walks around the area. The reward will be beautiful green olive groves combined with vineyards and the atmosphere of romantic sandy beaches. You certainly don’t have to worry about any noise, because there are no big discos here. There is a vehicle rental office right in Amaudi, so it will not be a problem to rent a bike and go somewhere on it. An interesting and nowadays not so unconventional choice are four-wheelers, on which you can go along the coast. A small disadvantage of Amaudi is the absence of bus lines.

Alykes Resort in Zakynthos Island

Alikes is located in the northern part of the island. Its distance from the capital of Zakynthos is about 20 kilometers. The name Alikes is derived from the salt mines located near this resort. In Greek, these salt mines are called exactly the same as the name of the resort, i.e. Alykes. Therefore, only you/i differ only in written form.

Even though it is a bit livelier than Alikanas, the Alikes area is popular with families with children. The local beach is literally attracted to them, as it has very fine yellow sand. It is washed by the crystal clear water of the Ionian Sea. It is not a problem to rent umbrellas and sunbeds on this beach. Sports-minded people will certainly also appreciate the services of various companies that rent various sports equipment. The beaches in Alikes are a paradise for all kinds of water sports. The beach is also quite extensive,

A big advantage of this center is also a good bus connection. Buses go here three times a day and one trip from the capital of Zakynthos costs about 1.5 Euros. If you want to go out for fun, you can easily visit one of the local restaurants or taverns. In many of them, you will be accompanied by live music in the evening. There are also several disco clubs on the coast where you can dance until late at night. Shops with goods for tourists are open practically 24 hours a day. You will be able to choose from many different interesting souvenirs characterizing Zakynthos. Alikes offers a wide range of accommodation options from hotels to bungalows.

A big attraction in Alikes is the beautiful surroundings of this resort. It lies in a low-lying area, which causes very lush green vegetation. Romantic walks along the coast, but also inland are definitely worth it. You will be able to rent various means of transport, including bicycles, for trips. Alikes is also home to an archaeological site, so you won’t miss ancient monuments and objects. Of the trips, the one that leads to the Blue Caves is probably the most beautiful. You will go to these beautiful natural formations by boat.

Agios Sostis

The resort of Agios Sostis is located between the two large resorts of Laganas and Limmi Keri.

The name Agios Sostis itself comes from a small island that lies a few tens of meters from the mainland, specifically from the local beach. The islet was once part of the mainland, but a devastating earthquake in 1633 caused it to break away. This islet can be reached from the beach either by boat or by swimming, or by dry foot on the wooden bridge that was built to it.

Local people do not call the island anything other than the word Cameo. This is the name of the local famous disco, which takes place on the island at regular intervals. Otherwise, the name Agios Sostis itself was given to the island by the small church that was built on it before the devastating earthquake. There is a beautiful pebble beach on the island where you can enjoy the sun combined with the beautiful sea water. However, it must not be forgotten that the beach is not freely accessible, as it belongs to one of the local bars. You pay 4 Euros to enter it.

The beach itself in the resort of Agios Sostis has a sandy character and is also characterized by a gradual entry into the sea, which is especially appreciated by families with small children. It connects seamlessly to the neighboring beach located near the town of Laganas. From the other side, you can walk to Porto Koukla beach. It is also sandy and much larger than the beach in Agios Sostis. so how to have fun in Agios Sostis? Tourists have several options.

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The surroundings of the island are particularly inviting for beautiful walks around the pine groves, which contrast with the rocky mountain massifs. A boat trip to the island of Marathonissi is also an interesting solution. It became famous mainly thanks to the endangered giant loggerhead turtles, which lay their eggs here every year. If you have a bit of that legendary luck, you will see the turtles with your own eyes and you will be able to take a photo with this wonderful creature. You can rent a boat in the small port located in Agios Sostis and go to the island on your own, or you can choose a boat with a boatman. He will usually tell you what and how, so the journey is more certain.

You can also buy souvenirs at the coast, as there are several shops. The coast is also lined with many taverns, bars, restaurants and various cafes, where you can spend beautiful moments dedicated to relaxation. Nightlife is represented by the already mentioned Cameo disco on the island. But if that is not enough for someone, they can drive to the capital of Zakynthos, 8 kilometers away. 12 kilometers from Agios Sostis lies the village of Lithaka, where you can see how the local indigenous people live.

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