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Lanzarote Island City

The most easterly of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote Island city basks in almost constant sunshine and is very distinct from its sister islands both in landscape and climate. Due to the tireless work of local artist César Manrique, the island maintains a unique blend of architecture and ecology, resulting in a totally unspoilt, traditional feel. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the newest, developing area of Playa Blanca, where a traditional village feel is retained amongst one of the best settings for family holidays on the island.

The abundance of clear, sandy beaches makes Lanzarote city island the perfect destination for relaxing holidays in the sun. For the more active, there are also some of the best watersports available, notably for windsurfers and divers. Lively nightlife is on offer in the main resorts of Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise, although Lanzarote has a more sedate approach to entertainment and is better suited to families and couples.

Things To Do in Lanzarote Island

  • Timanfaya
    A visit to the volcanoes of ‘Fire Mountain’ are an absolute must to anyone visiting Lanzarote. The area was declared a national park (Parque Nacional de Timanfaya) in 1968 and today remains a truly spectacular excursion for all visitors. Camels are at the ready to take you up the 512 high trek where you can view the amazing volcanic landscape. The El Diablo restaurant is situated at the very top. Most of the grilled specialities, both fish and meat are cooked in the 140°C heat that comes from the volcano itself.
  • El Golfo, Lanzarote
    El Golfo
    El Golfo is a crater which is the result of the dramatic events of Timanfaya combined with the effects of the Atlantic. Over time the ocean has eaten into the volcano leaving a emerald-green lagoon which produces a magnificent array of colours depending on the position of the sun. Close to the crater is the fishing village of the same name with many enticing fish restaurants to choose from.
  • Fundación César Manrique
    Fundación César Manrique
    The unique appeal of Lanzarote can be attributed very much to artist César Manrique who’s impact has endured. To really understand the driving forces behind the island’s modern development, we recommend the Foundation as your first stop. Once the artist’s home, it is now a showcase for his life, art and thinking. The Foundation is just outside Tahiche, only 15 minutes from Costa Teguise.
  • El Jardin del Cactus by César Manrique
    The Cactus Garden
    El Jardin del Cactus was designed by César Manrique. This impressive collection of Cacti, which were selected by the Botanist Estanislao Gonzales Ferrer, features well over 1000 species of Cactus. The restored windmill and strange metal sculptures make for an impressive contrast against the dry volcanic landscape.
    Opening Hours: 10.00 – 18.00
    Admission: €3.01
  • Papagayo Beach
    Papagayo Beach
    Playas de Papagayo, conceal the most beautiful natural beaches on the island, which slope gently towards a crystal clear sea. The biggest, Playa Mujeres, is 90 metres long, after that Playa de las Coloradas, Playa de las Ahogaderas and Playa de la Cera. Beyond the point, Punta de Papagayo, there are two more bays, Caleta de Congrio and Muela de Abajo. In many of the bays, you can swim in the nude and fully enjoy the wonderful sun, the freshness of the water and the beach with its backdrop of high cliffs.
  • Monumento al Campesino
    Monumento al Campesino
    The Monumento al Campesino erected by the internationally famous artist, César Manrique is a memorial in honour of the hardworking peasant farmers of Lanzarote. lt is a rough sculpture in white building blocks made into a fantasy figure of a Lanzarote farmer and camel. The blocks are actually, empty containers, formerly used to store water in. Next to it stands an old manor house in the typical style of the time, it is now a countryside museum.
  • El Grifo Wine Museum
    Wine museum El Grifo
    The region around La Geria is the main wine-producing area of Lanzarote. El Grifo is the largest and most frequented wine museum with 45,000 visitors each and every year. On arrival at the museum you can see the ‘Monument to the Grifo’ created by local artist César Manrique.
  • Open daily from 10.30am to 6.00pm, free entrance.

Lanzarote Island Weather Information

Lanzarote enjoys a mild climate with year round sunshine, making it an ideal destination for holidaymakers. Daily temperatures reach 29°C in high season and rarely drop below 20°C degrees in the winter. Along with the sun often comes the wind, Lanzarote can feel quite a windy island, however most people welcome the cooling breeze during the summer months.

The weather on Lanzarote island can be very changeable, depending on where you stay. Most of the popular resort areas have sunshine all day, but if you’re taking a trip around the island, and possibly heading inland, you may notice a difference. Towns and villages around the mountains can become quite cloudy, and sometimes windy, but don’t worry – it’s still hot!

Similar to Fuerteventura, Lanzarote has very little rainfall; it’s estimated to rain on average only 15 days per year, normally from December until February.

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