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Astounding Curacao Island

The Curacao Island or Caribbean region is a kaleidoscope of cultures. The geographic divisions of the region also mark considerable shifts of cultures, despite being part of the same belt. The northern parts of Venezuela within the Southern Caribbean Sea host several breathtaking tourism propositions, and Curacao easily makes the cut as a preferred and exciting destination for expectant travelers from all corners of the planet. Gentle sunshine vivifies the air of Curacao all year long, and also the salubrious climate plays a considerable role in endowing the region with the features of a tourist magnet.

Relaxation is within the very atoms that constitute Curacao, as most visitors learn within some hours of there be the island. prepare to experience unadulterated delight as you permit the charming environment of Curacao to require over and let the waves of the encompassing oceans dictate a lullaby of ecstasy to your senses.

Both air and sea routes are open for your consideration as you intend out a visit to Curacao. Air fliers recollect the overwhelming first sights of the island whereas sailors make it a degree to praise the charming environs of the ports in their travel anecdotes. Things carry on progressing towards the higher as you spend longer at Curacao Islands. There are several travel attractions on the island that shall excite you without stopping. It all begins at the Curacao Sea Aquarium, the house of several sea creatures who enjoy the spotlight of thousands of visitors’ glares daily. Imagine a gathering with sharks and getting an opportunity to truly feed them! Dreams and fascinations like these come true in Curacao Islands. And if you’re raring to travel for more even after the encounter with nurse sharks, don’t hesitate from paying a visit to the ocean lions and dolphins, except for witnessing the feeding of the ocean turtles.

Do not forget to pay over a passing visit to the adjoining treasure of waters and sands within the style of the ocean Aquarium Beach where people from all age groups converge to own a dip within the comfortably shallow waters. this is often the biggest beach of the region, and simply the foremost popular one similarly. because the evening draws, the atmosphere get all the more electric because the regular concerts and party activities lead. it’s such an exhilarating experience to bounce to the tunes of a number of the international hits with the splashes of the waves within the background and a cool breeze blowing against the face. to feature to the pleasure, there are several happening bars and restaurants within the vicinity of the ocean Aquarium Beach. you’ll be able to have a luxurious dinner after an important dancing session and call it daily. but these, visitors make it a degree to go to the Christoffel park and a number of other other scenic and historic sights of Curacao Islands. Take the cruise, and board the flight that takes you to Curacao, as days spent on this island would be etched on your heart as unforgettable memories.

11 Things to do in Curaçao Island

A stunning Caribbean island called Curacao is well-known for its immaculate beaches, lively culture, and extensive past. Here are 11 things to do in this tropical paradise that you simply must include on your itinerary:

  1. Walk through the vibrant streets of Willemstad, the capital city of Curacao and a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  2. Visit the Curacao Sea Aquarium to gain knowledge of the varied marine life in the Caribbean and get a close-up look at a variety of marine life.
  3. Discover the numerous coral reefs and the varied marine life of Curacao’s largest national park by snorkeling or diving at Christoffel.
  4. Consider taking a catamaran tour: This relaxing day on the water includes snorkeling, sunbathing, and a sumptuous lunch.
  5. Visit the Mikve Israel-Emanuel Synagogue to learn about the Jewish heritage of Curacao at the continent’s oldest synagogue still in operation.
  6. Ride a horse on the beach and take in the breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and the island’s natural beauty.
  7. Visit the Curacao Liqueur Factory to sample the renowned blue liqueur, which is produced using the dried peel of the laraha citrus fruit.
  8. Eat some local food: Try a traditional dish like kabritu (steewed goat) or sopi malli to experience the variety of flavors the island has to offer (vegetable soup).
  9. Explore the rocky coastline and secret caves of the stunning Shete Boka National Park, which is home to a wide variety of exotic wildlife.
  10. Visit the Floating Market to browse the vibrant stalls and purchase fresh food, handmade items, and trinkets.
  11. Soak up the sun on one of Curacao’s many beautiful beaches, like Cas Abao or Klein Curacao, and unwind.

Curacao offers something for everyone, whether they are seeking adventure, history, or relaxation. Plan your trip today and get going!

Is Curacao Gay Friendly?

Curacao Island offers diverse cultures, art galleries, beaches, museums, fine accommodations, and exquisite cuisine that are enjoyed by all visitors to the island. With gay-friendly hotels and attractions, our island with its ‘live-and-let-live atmosphere is extremely friendly towards and encourages gay and lesbian travelers to go to the island.

There are some hotels and tour operators that have made a special commitment to gay visitors and have joined the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association: Hotel Kura Hulanda, Lodge Kura Hulanda, Avila Hotel, Hilton Curaçao, Floris Suite Hotel, Sunset Waters Beach Resort, Lions Dive Hotel, Papagayo Beach Resort, Habitat Dive Resort / Easy Divers, Waterside Apartments together with Yellow Tour Info Center, Explore Curaçao Islands and International Accommodations & Concierge Services. These companies have implemented marketing efforts designed specifically to draw in this market segment.

The Curacao Islands have dedicated the gay-friendly weekend hot spots, the gay bars Limbo Bar (located at Keizershof in Otrobanda), Lyric’s Café (Waterfront Arches in Punda) and It’s my Life (near Yolanda snack at Groot Kwartier). The gay-friendly places are Mambo Beach because the place to be every Saturday night. On Friday night Tu Tu Tango is the hot spot; on Sunday it’s Wet & Wild and through the week Ay Caramba on Tuesday and Cinco on Thursday night are where it’s at.

About Curacao Islands

Curacao islands include a lot more to supply than splendid beaches and exquisite dive spots. There are stunning views everywhere on the island and our natural parks, both on land and underwater, are something special indeed. And though weather conditions may normally be hot and dry, this doesn’t mean our nature isn’t beautiful.

In this section you’ll also find veterinarians and pet shops and off-track those who can turn your backyard into your own personal natural park: landscapers.

Climate & Weather

Located within the tropics, just 12° north of the Equator, Curaçao Islands includes a warm, sunny climate year-round. the common temperature is about 27° C (in the mid-80s F). Cooling trade winds blow constantly from the east, learning within the spring months. The season, which is between October and February, is sometimes marked by short, occasional showers, mostly at midnight, and continued sunny weather by day. Total annual rainfall averages only 570 mm (22 inches). Additionally, Curaçao Islands is found on the outer fringes of the hurricane belt. Consequently, the frequency of hits by tropical storms is way not up to for other parts of the Caribbean.

Geology and geography

Curacao Island is split in four geological units-the Curaçao Islands Lava Formation, the Knip Group, the center Curaçao Formation and also the Limestone Formation.

The oldest known rock of our island is the Curaçao Island Lava Formation. it is a 5000m thick succession of submarine basalts, formed in deep waters within the mid-upper Cretaceous. The Knip Group formed within the upper Cretaceous ages, consists of siliceous stone. It’s noticeably thicker on the northwestern part of the island than in the southeast. the center Curaçao Island Formation is found principally within the middle section of the island. Its turbidite sequence, formed within the upper Cretaceous and or Paleocene age, consists of fine-grained conglomerates, mudstones, sandstones and shales. The Limestone Formations will be divided in two units, the Seru Domi formation and also the Quaternary limestone terraces. The Seru Domi Formation is largely formed as a sub-marine reef talus slope, and also the Quaternary limestone terraces were formed by water level changes together with tectonic uplift.

The landscape of Curacao Islands

At first glimpse, Curaçao Island could seem a rather barren island, and it’s true due to the scant rainfall, there’s certainly a limit to the kinds of plants and animals which will survive here. But on closer inspection, you will be amazed at the variability nature must offer. What initially seems to be a run-of-the-mill desert landscape, seems to be a scenery teeming with life. Curaçao’s Islands total extent is 444 square km. The stretched northern coast of the island is characterized by rough limestone cliff formations attacking the top of eons-old igneous rock, and weather-beaten terrain. At the western end of the island, you’ll find expansive, hilly landscapes. Christoffel Park encompasses most of the landscapes. Inside the park, you’ll find the best point on the island-the 375m high Mt. Christoffel. The east end of the island comprises a flat and mostly barren plain, with few settlements and a few secondary roads weaving to and from its coastal inlets.


Local plants have ingenious mechanisms allowing them to weather the dry, desert climate, scant rainfall and also the ever-present tradewinds. These include marvelous adaptations to their roots, leaves and stems. Total vascular flora amounts to about 450 species. Species composition differs significantly between the various geological formations. No group of plants is moreover suited to the climate because the cacti, which are specially designed to cut back the number of moisture lost to evaporation. Their nasty thorns are, in fact, modified leaves. The island hosts many species. Not all of the species on the Island are harmless.

One plant you’ve got to avoid contact with is that the manzaliña tree, called manchineel in other parts of the Caribbean. This tree has rough, dark bark and little green leaves. The fruit of this plant is poisonous, and can cause skin irritations and burning if touched. one in all Curaçao’s most characteristic trees, is that the Dividivi tree-recognizable by its “wind form,” caused by the tradewinds.

Exotic Wildlife of Curacao Islands

Reptiles in Curacao

Whiptail lizards, endemic to Curaçao Island, are often found basking within the sun almost wherever you step. The slender brown ones (“lagadishi”) are the females and young, the larger blue-green ones (“blò-blò”) the mature males of the identical species. Geckos inhabit the scrubby trees, feeding on those ever-present mosquitos. The male anole (“totèki” or “kaku”) boasts a powerful bright yellow and orange dewlap, which he pompously fans to draw in females and keep off attackers. One species of gecko, a translucent tan color, with bulging black eyes and splayed limbs, has sucker feet, which allows it to scale walls. Locals call this species the “plakiplak” (“stickystick). All of those mentioned species are harmless.

Without a doubt, the iguana (“yuana”) is that the king of CuraçaoIslands reptiles. due to its rare double penis, which might grow to three to 4 feet long,the meat and eggs are coveted as supposedly powerful aphrodisiacs. Iguana soup may be a local delicacy.

Two species of snakes may be found on Curaçao Islands, and both are completely harmless. Four forms of sea turtles are common in our waters—the marine turtle, the sea turtle, the Loggerhead and therefore the sea turtle. the primary three make use of some small beaches, located at the protected area in Shete Boka Park, to put their eggs.

Mammals in Curacao Islands

The island hosts a complete of 11 native breeds of mammals, which are the Curaçao Islands whitetail deer, some field mice, small rabbits, and eight species of bats. The deer and bats are species. Recent work has shown the key role bats play within the terrestrial ecosystem because the only principal pollinators of columnar cacti, which are a key food source for several species during dry periods. it’s not uncommon to work out goats or donkeys wandering the streets, particularly within the more rural areas.


Whether you’re comfortably settled on a folding chair, strolling along the picturesque waterfront or trekking intrepidly through the underbrush, you’re guaranteed to get contact with several of Curaçao’s native birds. over 168 bird species are registered on Curaçao Islands. a minimum of 51 of those species are breeding birds, 71 are migrants from North America, 19 are visitors from South America and 19 are seabirds. the foremost common of the native birds include the Trupial, a black bird with a bright orange underbelly and white swatches on its wings, and also the Cuchubi, the Caribbean mocking bird.

FAQ About Curacao Islands

What’s the country calling code in Curacao Islands?

When calling Curaçao, the country calling code is 00599.
Calling from Curaçao to the USA the code is 001.
Calling from Curaçao to Holland the code is 0031.

How to Reach Curacao, what’s the average Flight Time?

The distance between a European country and Curaçao is 7300km and therefore the flight from Schipol to Curaçao takes about 11 hours. thanks to the growing popularity of the island more airlines are now flying to Curaçao. the biggest and most well-known airlines flying to Curaçao are KLM and Martinair.

When is the weather at its best in Curaçao?

There is little difference between the minimum and maximum temperature. Even during what they locally call the rain season it’s lovely weather during the day with insignificant rainfall. Therefore, it is usually nice weather in Curaçao.

Is the Faucet / Tap water drinkable in Curacao?

In Curaçao, distilled seawater is employed for drinking. It tastes fine and may be used for all the world.

What is the currency of Curaçao? Can I pay in dollars?

The local currency is the Dutch-Antillian guilder, which is interconnected with the American dollar. Yes, you can pay in Dollars and Pounds as well. American dollars are widely accepted in Curacao and all Caribbean regions.

What is the time zone of Curaçao?

Curaçao finds itself within the Atlantic time, one hour behind US Eastern time and 4 hours behind Greenwich mean solar time, six hours prior Dutch time.

Can i take advantage of Dutch or American plugs in the Curaçao Islands?

In Curaçao Islands the voltage is 110-130 volt/50 Hertz.
To compare:
The U.S.A has the identical voltage then again with 60 Hertz. Most appliances will work sufficiently, although hairdryers and curling tongs mustn’t be used for extended periods at a time, on avoid overheating. Europe and South America have a 220 volt/50 Hertz supply.
Electrical appliances that are suitable for both voltage supplies like electronic razors, are often employed in combination with an adaptor, of which are widely available.

Can I Drive with Dutch License in Curacao?

A Dutch/European license is sufficient to drive a car in Curaçao Islands.

Are there boats sailing to and from Curacao Island?

Cruises leave from Puerto Rico and Miami, a number of the places these cruises visit are The Mexican Riviera, Jamaica, Martinique, Barbados, St. Maarten and St. Thomas. There are 4 day and seven day cruises but also longer ones.

How is the healthcare services in Curacao Island?

The island incorporates a good healthcare service, is successful within the fight against tuberculosis and and provides good infant care which is as effective as within the Netherlands or The USA.
In Curaçao Islands the primary and second-line medical services are of a really high standard, also providing for the elderly and chronically ill and thus enabling them to remain on the island.

Curacao Islands in Pictures

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