caladesi island statepark situated in dunedin florida

Amazing Caladesi Island, Dunedin Florida

Caladesi Island state park is the perfect destination for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. With pristine white sand beaches, tropical fishing villages, and a picturesque lagoon, this island is a hidden gem that is sure to rejuvenate your senses. With the help of this guide, you are sure to not only discover this little island, but also its many secrets. From the best fishing spots to the best places to stay, we will take you on a tour of Caladesi Island and help you make the most of your Vacation Escape.

Dunedin is one of the most popular vacation spots where many people from all over the world enjoy a beach vacation at Caladesi Island. The beaches are just a few blocks away from downtown Dunedin. At the beach surfers, swimmers, and others are seen enjoying the clear blue water in Dunedin. On a beach vacation at Caladesi Island, Dunedin Florida you too will enjoy the clear blue water and sandy beaches where shells are scattered everywhere.

Outdoor Activities on Caladesi Island

Take a jar so that you can collect some of the shells to take home as souvenirs. In Dunedin, Florida there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy on the beaches or trails. Near the beach is Pinellas Trail where people enjoy biking, walking, and skating. The trail goes through downtown, so after you’ve enjoyed activities on the trail, you can stop at one of the restaurants for a healthy meal and refreshing drink.

The trails take you to Honeymoon State Park or Caladesi Island State Park and throughout Dunedin. The trails are flooded with wildlife and birds that flock in the park. Be sure to take your camera so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife for years to come.

About Dunedin

Along this area are lovely beaches along the Gulf Coast. While you enjoy your beach vacation at Caladesi Island, you will also enjoy visits to downtown where you will find plenty of privately owned restaurants, shops, pubs, bars, art galleries, boutiques, and antique stores. Dunedin is a charming small town with lots of amenities to enjoy. The marina is near various bed and breakfast and hotels, which is in walking distance of the lovely downtown area of Dunedin. While you are downtown in Dunedin don’t forget to enjoy the variety of craft and art festivities, concerts, farmer markets, parades and other activities that take place each year.

Photos of Caladesi Island

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While you enjoy your beach vacation at Caladesi Island, your children will enjoy the sandy playgrounds that line the Gulf Coast shores and the natural parks, and while your children are playing, you can enjoy relaxing moments on the sandy beaches where scuba divers, snorkelers, and many others enjoy the clear blue water.

At the beach there are plenty of seashells and lots of sunshine. Be sure to take your sunscreen and other beach items so that you can enjoy your beach vacation at Caladesi Island.

Watersports in Caladesi Island, FL

At Caladesi Island, Dunedin, Florida, people often enjoy water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, sailing, boating, and fishing. Dunedin is near Tampa and around the northern section of Clearwater. It is a mid-sized community, which commemorates the Scottish legacy during the springtime. During this time of the year, people come to the Festival and Highland Games to honor the traditions of the Scottish legacy. From around the world, visitors come to enjoy the games and festivities and enjoy other activities and culinary delights during their beach vacation.

Information About Caladesi Island

Dunedin is in Pinellas County, Florida near the Gulf of Mexico. Every year people come for a beach vacation in Pinellas County to enjoy an abundance of outdoor activities. Around the smaller peninsula area that extends into the Gulf of Mexico, recreational events are enjoyed here.

In this area, golfers visit each year where the Championship Golf Courses and the tennis courts allow them to interact with people from all over the world. Dunedin is near the Pinellas Trail, which is the 47-mile trail where people enjoy walking, rollerblading, and biking. The trail runs completely through the county and has 5 miles of beautiful coastline shores. Along this area are the shell-strewn beaches of the lovely Caladesi Island State Park. The Honeymoon Island State Park is near this area also.

At the local parks in Dunedin, people enjoy amazing views of the region’s diverse ecosystem. The area is lovely and has some amazing views where people enjoy wildlife and bird watching. Some of the most popular attractions near this area are Clearwater Beach. Busch Gardens is nearby as well. You will also enjoy Tarpon Springs, which this area has some impressive antique shops along the walkways.

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What to Pack for Beach Vacation at Caladesi Island

If you are planning a beach vacation at Dunedin, be sure to take your swimwear, sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrella, and other beach items so that you will enjoy your vacation without worrying about sunburns. Sunscreen will help protect you against skin damage caused by the sun. Your sunglasses will need to protect your eyes. Sunscreen should be applied before you go to the sandy beaches, and it should also be reapplied after you get out of the water.

Best Time to visit Caladesi Island

The best time to go to Caladesi Island, Dunedin Florida on a beach vacation is around July. During this time of the year, the beaches are loaded with people who enjoy many beach activities. When people go on a beach vacation during the spring and fall, they often enjoy surfing the waves in the clear blue water at Caladesi Island.

Weather at Caladesi Island

Below is the chart of the climate on Caladesi Island. Here you can check the weather on Caladesi Island.

Caladesi island weather for all months

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Caladesi Island Ferry Service: Timing & Prices

The Caladesi ferry will take you on an unwinding and picturesque 20-minute ride over the quiet waters of St. Joseph Sound to Caladesi Island where you will land at the marina close to the bistro on the cove side of the island. Then, at that point, you will have a 5-minute stroll across the island to the ocean side over cleared walkways and a wooden rise walkover (promenade). Ocean-side wheelchairs are accessible from the recreation area officers on a first-come, first-served premise.

The Caladesi Ferry runs consistently with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas occasions as long as the weather conditions grant. There are two ferry boats. Withdraws Honeymoon Island Docks. Withdrawing consistently begins at 10 am each half hour. Occasionally changed assuming the rainclouds hold back. Most extreme stay of as long as 4 hours relying upon the hour of ticket buy. Costs and times are likely to change.

For Adults $16 Roundtrip
Youngsters Aged 6-12 $8 Roundtrip

A Military rebate is accessible for deployment-ready and resigned staff with legitimate ID for their total party.

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