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Amazing British Virgin Islands

In the size of houses, the huge 15-30 foot high boulders at British Virgin Islands Gorda’s most famous beach, The Baths, looks more LIKE a movie scene showing the aftermath of a volcanic eruption in the pre-historic blockbuster movie, Jurassic Park… The Baths, is not only unique and stunning, it is also quaintly and majestically beautiful. It is unquestionably the “crown jewel” in Virgin Gorda’s diverse tourism product. All these things makes this perfect destination for Islands vacations.

Tortola’s Assets – Dive & Movie Sites 

Tortola was actually IN a movie! And, Tortola has two more “gems in their crown” to boast about. Firstly, their dive site at the 1867 shipwreck of the British steamer, The RMS Rhone, is considered by many to be one of the best in the world. Secondly, the site was used in an unforgettable 1977 movie, The Deep, starring the tantalizingly beautiful British Actress, Jacqueline Bissett, scuba-diving in a wet see-through white T-shirt and bikini bottom. Probably only men of a certain age will remember this movie…

Confirmed Volcanic Product – Artists’ & Photographers’ Paradise 

Located on the southern part of this British Virgin Islands (BVI) territory, volcanic experts have confirmed that these boulders are the result of massive, pre-historic volcanic explosions, which cause these extremely huge granite boulders to end up on this beach. As they piled up beside each other, some formed beautiful grottos, that continue to “blow the minds” of art and photography enthusiasts. If there are any other beaches in the world that look as fantastic as The Baths, they must be very few of them. This is really an ideal adventure spot for families who like to not just enjoy a day at the beach, but take great souvenir photos as well.

Geographical Profile – 54 Member Group of Islands

The four largest islands in the British Virgin Islands group, in decreasing order, are Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke. There are 50 other smaller islands and cays, but only 15 of them are inhabited. The combined population of all the 19 inhabited islands is only 22,000, with approximately 18,000 living in Tortola. Therefore it is not surprising that the country’s official tourism marketing slogan is “Nature’s Little Secrets.”

Island Profiles

Road Town is the capital of the British Virgin Islands and it is located in Tortola, which is 12 miles long and 3 miles wide. The citizens are hospitable, family-oriented and very intelligent. Virgin Gorda is also mountainous, only 8 square miles, with a population of 3,100, and located a few miles away from Tortola and its airport on Beef Island.
Anegada has the least population with about 200 people and is 15 square miles in size, making it the third largest country in the BVI. It is flat and low – very near to sea level. Its highest point is only 28 feet above sea level. Anegada is the only BVI island territory that was created from limestone and coral. The other islands were formed from volcanic activity. With an area of just 3 square miles, Jost Van Dyke is the smallest of the 4 main islands, with a population of 297 residents. Its highest point is Roach Hill at 1,054 feet.

British Virgin Islands Uses US Dollars

You could classify the British Virgin Islands (BVI) as “close cousins” and neighbours to the US Virgin Islands (USVI), as they are part of the same island chain. The BVI are located to the north east of the USVI. Even though the BVI are administered by Britain, they use US dollars as their official currency, just like the USVI. The racial composition of the BVI is predominantly a mixture of European and African-Caribbean heritages (83%). There are a minority of native people still living there, from the Carib and Amerindian backgrounds. Fifty per cent of the islands’ population is migrant labour and the government employs 32 % of the population.

Lucrative Financial Services

The economy is primarily based on financial services and tourism. The BVI has legitimately secured the status as an offshore financial centre and a lot of revenue is earned from the licence fees charged to international companies and payroll taxes from their employees. Believe it or not, this tiny country on the world map, has registered 825,502 offshore companies, up to June 2008! Of that number just about half, or 445,865, were active.

 One the world’s leading accounting firms, KPMG, reported in 2008 that over 41% of the world’s offshore companies were formed in the British Virgin Islands ! That is an awesome achievement for a small Caribbean country! Now that you know this, I suspect many of you will be adding company documents and cheque books to your suitcases – to mix a little bit of pleasure with some big business …!

Successful Tourism Industry 

Each British Virgin Islands {BVI} citizen earns an average of US$ 38,500 per year. So when tourists visit the British Virgin Islands, they should feel very comfortable knowing that these islands have one of the more prosperous economies in the entire Caribbean. Tourism accounts for 45% of national revenue while financial services contribute 51.8% to the islands’ income. Tourism employs a far greater number of people.The majority of the tourism businesses in the country are owned by the citizens of the British Virgin Islands. Therefore guests can be reassured that the majority of their tourism expenditure will stay in the islands and benefit the citizens of this very small country.

Things to do in British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is a great place to visit anytime of the year. It’s four main islands, has been a traveler’s delight. These islands of the BVI, offer the best in accommodation and recreation. The islands are surrounded by majestic beaches that temps every visitor on the islands. This article will cover ten main activities that these islands have to offer. The first one we will consider is The Baths on Virgin Gorda.

The Baths is an attraction that has become one of the best on the island. All person including travelers and the local vacationers, enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The baths is located at the south tip of the Virgin Gorda. As is indicated by its name, it is basically huge rocks that are massed together to form a sort of bath. These are really rocks that the ocean water smoothes and accumulate a pool of water from high tide. The water that is accumulated is warm. If anyone visiting this location gets to climb around these rocks, they are able to see a cave-like structure that they can walk through.

To reach the baths, one would need to get a boat or acquire transportation to the National Park. This attraction is all natural and has been a wonder for many years. Every time visitors come to the island of Virgin Gorda, then look forward to exploring these baths. If you are a good swimmer, then no doubt you will find much delight at The Baths. There is also diving & snorkeling done there.  There is a restaurant called The Bath & Turtle restaurant that is open for lunch afterwards. Anyone desiring to engage in such activities can inquire for Information regarding this tour is available to traveler.

Another wonderful place to visit in the islands on the BVI is Smuggler’s Cove on Tortola. This place is located just west of the island. A place known for is serene and quiet atmosphere; Smuggler’s Cove is an inviting and pristine attraction. It has a wide open ocean view that any visitor will appreciate. The palm trees all around whistles the cool breezy air. Although it may not be filled with a lot of activities, for anyone who is looking to have a calm relaxing time, it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the natural air.

 If you are looking to just have a peaceful day at the beach, Smuggler’s Cove is the ideal location you may find some snorkeling, surfing, or light swimming.  There is a place to eat as well. There is also a bar nearby offers snacks and refreshing beverages. If you are ever visit the island and feel for a clam relaxing day by the beach, the Smuggler’s Cove is quite appropriate. The best way to get there is by land transpiration. You can either hire a taxi or go by car rental. Either way, you are sure to appreciate the delightful serene atmosphere at Smuggler’s Cove.

Surely, if you find yourself wondering where to go if you visit the BVI, you can be assured that soon you will be able to embark upon a number of beautiful attractions filled with all sorts of things to do. One such place that many have found a delight to visit is the Norman Island Caves.  This place has been a favorite for those with families. You can go see the many verity of fishes and corals of this island. The only way to get this lovely attraction is by boat. Many people prefer to charter their own private boat. It has a feature known as Treasure Cave that is close to a rocky beach that many like to spend the afternoon looking for jelly fish and other marine life. 

There is even a cave that is about 24 feet in length. Many who visit this attraction enjoy going into these and come up the rocky beaches just ahead.  Many visitors have found this place to be quiet refreshing. When you arrive by boat, you can approach the caves with a dingy and go snorkeling, diving, or just swim. There is a restaurant nearby where you can enjoy great food and fine company. So take some time to plan your vacation with Norman Island Caves on your list of things to do when visiting the BVI.

Another exciting place to visit in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is Devil’s Bay, on Virgin Gorda. This place is located right at the tip of the island. It’s is basically a bay surrounded by humid water. It really is one of the most quiet places to relax and sunbath.  Many also come here for snorkeling, swimming, or just explore the rocky caves around the area. You can reach there by boat, as some locals have used the opportunity to go on boat trips to the bay. It’s a very rocky but yet calm and peaceful area on the island. Anyone wishing to go can take along a camera so that they can take some pictures of the colourful fishes and pristine atmosphere. In case you need to change in appropriate attire for climbing, there are lockers available on site. If after some time you are hungry, there is a small restaurant around the nearby baths where you can grab a bite to eat, lunch or dinner. There is a small fee to pay in order to explore this Bay. Information regarding such fee is available to visitors the location.

The Willie T or William Thornton, is a floating bar and restaurant. How delightful! You can usually find this boat on Normal Island in the BVI (British Virgin Islands). Named after an American Doctor, Dr. William Thornton, it was once a wooden vessel that sunk in the early 1990’s.Today it’s a one hundred foot floating restaurant and bar boat docked at “the Bight” at Normal Island. This parity atmosphere is ideal for fun –loving visitors. They offer burgers, fish & chips, and other pub based meals. A small fee is required, but you are sure to enjoy the afternoon lunch break on this exciting floating vessel.

We now take a closer Look at another great place to vessel, the Rumbaba.  The Rumnaba is a charter boat that sails to and from the famous beaches around the islands of the BVI. It docks at each beach, allowing visitors to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and many other beach activities. When getting about, you can start of the beautiful day with onboard refreshments. Visitors can also explore the marvelous oceanic views around each island from the boat. You can even relax on the boat and just soak up the sun and enjoy a cool drink from the mini bar aboard. Appetizers, lunch, and entrees are also available after a day of snorkeling and sailing around. However it can only hold space for 6 at time. This sail is perfect for couples. The next time you plan a visit to the British Virgin Islands (BVI), remember to take a sail on the Rumbada.

RMS Rhone on Anegada is another place to find fun in the sun. It’s basically an attraction beneath water. It was an ancient British Vessel that sunk many years ago because a hurricane.  Since more recent years, it has been a one of the most famous attractions on the island. The Island of Anegada has the most shipwrecks compared to the other islands in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). A lot of people visit the site to go deep diving and explore the famous wrecked vessel. The wreck is about 315 ft in length. Some brave visitors exploring the wreck may sometimes swim t o the low bow of the wrecked vessel. Persons desiring to visit the site can inquire of future opening, as it is now temporarily closed.
Although jus a small island of the British Virgin Islands, Cooper Island has much to offer. You travel to the location by charter boat or power boat. There, you will venture on a very secluded and beautiful shore side. On this island, visitors usually go snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, and swimming. SO you will only need a bathing suit. There is even a scuba diving course available, and divers can get certified. When on this island, many like to go to the Copper Island club, situated just a few steps away from the beach. The restaurant provides excellent food. You can have lunch & dinner, and later, some fine wine and cocktail in an informal setting. Any visitor desiring to see the island and eat at the restaurant, must call to make reservations.  As for other activities, there is a lot of wildlife to see. You can enjoy the many varieties of birds from hummingbirds to thrashers. There are also many crabs, goats, humpback whales, and other marine and wild life. Cooper Island is definitely a spectacular, tropical brilliance.

A very exclusive place to go to on Vigrin Gorda, is Savannah Bay. Most visitors can get there by vehicle. There are many vacation rentals at the bay where visitors can stay and relax while observing the peaceful and crystal clear water. The reef is so readily visible and the air is so crisp and inviting. There are even hiking trails where you can go to the top of the mountain and watch the view of the ocean. If you like golfing, then this is the perfect place. There are also rentals for golfing near the bay whether there is a lavish golf course. This is a great addition for the more traditional vacationer.

White Bay of the island of Jost Van Dyke is a marvelous place to be during your vacation. There a quite a bit of villas for vacationers. They can walk from their cottages to the beach front in just minutes. It is such a magnificent scene. Like most of the beaches on the island, there is a number of water sport activities as well. During the day, you can go scuba diving, fishing, sunbath, or even snorkeling. This island is for the entire family. It’s a very laid back atmosphere on the island. Most of the time, you will see people walking around barefooted. Some visitors enjoy walking around the shops and boutiques. The dining experience is spectacular, just what anyone would expect from a Caribbean vacation spot.  Entertainment is not lacking. At night the Soggy Dollar Bar is always open to visitors. Foxy’s also is a great place for visitors to enjoy themselves at night.

What an excellent way to wrap up a memorable vacation in the British Virgin Islands.

British Virgin Islands attractions

Tortola Attractions – Beaches, Sailing, Snorkelling, Diving

BVI’s {British Virgin Islands} government statistics reveal that 825,603 tourists visited the country in 2006. Out of that number, 443,987 tourists came via cruise ships. If you are a water sports enthusiast, then your first order of business in Tortola should be to visit the Sir Francis Drake Channel. It separates the main island from many other smaller islands. The fantastic aquamarine and turquoise coloured seas around the British Virgin Islands were deceptively dangerous for the pirate and commercial ships of yesteryear. The seas had many high-rising coral and rock formations which caused many ships to crash and sink. So, when you snorkel or dive there, you will find not just beautiful sponges and coral spawning, but also enchanting shipwrecks to explore.

Diving Heritage Attraction – The 1867 Shipwreck, The Rhone

For example, in 1867 a former Royal Mail 310 foot steamer, named The Rhone, sank in a massive Category 3 October hurricane, west of Salt Island. The huge force of the winds produced such a horrendous collision with the rocks underwater that this relatively large ship broke into three parts! So now The Rhone is a 3-site dive location, with one-third of the ship, resting on three different ocean shelves, at three different depths, ranging from 20 to 85 feet! The fact that the ship sections are located at different depths, allows hundreds of divers of varying competencies and experiences to visit everyday. Because parts of The Rhone are resting in only 20 – 85 feet of water, experts do not consider it to be either a difficult or dangerous dive. Divers treat the site with respect, because of its fragility, and its tragic history. It was a titanic tragedy in 1867 … because out of the 146 passengers and crew on board, only 23 survived

An Award-Winning Dive Site

Over the past 144 years, most of the overhead structures of the ship have rotted away, so there are very few enclosed spaces left back. This makes it relatively open and safe to explore. Wherever the few overhead structures remain, there are in spacious sections of the ship, with large exits to leave in case of an emergency. It is therefore no wonder that The Rhone has secured many citations and awards as one of the most outstanding recreational wreck dives in the Caribbean. Tourists have consistently been amazed by its history, and appreciative of it being a home to a host of marine life.

Virgin Gorda’s Attractions – The Copper Mine, Beaches, Lookout Point

One of the most charming features of Virgin Gorda is that it is not over-commercialized. The capital is called Spanish Town. The country has only a few hotels and villas and it is so intimate that some of the planes that transport you to the island have only 9 seats. If you are interested in history, the Copper Mines Ruins reveal how Cornish (citizens from the British county of Cornwall) engineers constructed the mine’s pumps for the Cornish miners who worked for months and years to dig tunnels that even went under the sea! Other great beaches you can visit, some secluded and not well known, are at Little Trunk Bay, Big Trunk Bay, Savannah Bay and Pond Bay. You can get a panoramic view of the island’s beauty – reefs, ocean, coves and coastline – from the observation tower at Gorda Peak.

Unique Anegada Attractions BVI – Beaches, Fishing, Snorkelling, Horse Shoe Reef

On an average day, there will be 200 tourists coming in to go to the beach or to go fly fishing in search of bonefish. Anegada is famous for its excellent beaches which go on for miles and miles without any seeming end. That means the small population will temporarily double from 200 citizens to a total of 400 people for the day. Many tourists will also come to do snorkeling on reefs around the island. The 18 mile Horse Shoe Reef is the largest barrier reef in the entire Caribbean – and the fourth largest in the entire world! Anegada has become renowned for their endangered Caribbean Flamingos and Rock Iguanas. It also hosts turtles, conch, lobster, feral cattle, donkeys, sheep and goats which will be popular with children and families.

Rocus Wreck SCUBA Anegada BVI is 380 steel feet long, or it absolutely was at just the once before it absolutely was a wreck! Rocus Wreck SCUBA Anegada BVI was a Greek freighter that was on its way from Trinidad to Baltimore with a load of cattle bones that may be changed into fertilizer.
The Rocus wreck is generally uneven, but you’ll be able to still puzzle out the boilers, which are very shallow. you’ll be able to also see anchors, winches, and chains

You will see lots of cow bones scattered around, which are quite eery.

At 40 feet, you’ll be able to get a decent view of the rounded stern, deck railings, davits, and superstructure. The Rocus isn’t a deep dive, most of it’s in between 15 and 35 feet. Once dropping over the reef edge, the wreck is lying on; you’ll find excellent fish life and 60′ of water.

The propeller was removed by divers back within the early ’70s.Amazing Bahamas Islands In The CaribbeanAstounding Curacao Island

Jost Van Dyke Attractions – Bars, Restaurants, Boating, Yachting

Jost Van Dyke’s most popular destination is Great Harbour, probably because its beaches have several bars and restaurants. Foxy’s Bar is famous all year round and in particular on New Year’s Eve night when thousands descend on the Bar to celebrate. The island can be reached by boats, ferries and water taxis from St Thomas and St John – both USVI territories. With almost 7,000 boats passing through Great Harbour in 2008, it is considered one the busiest ports in the British Virgin Islands. Yachting is also a very common pastime.

British Virgin Islands Nightlife

Traveling to the BVI is special experience. The luxurious accommodations have had a splendid impression on visitors and locals alike. The fabulous attractions and majestic beaches, is enough to have anyone wanting more, yet feeling completely at ease. Whenever you hear about an island getaway, it stirs much excitement and anticipation. The views of the ocean from balconies and mountain tops are among the best in the world when you stay on these islands. The restaurants are timeless, and serve up the best dishes and pristine atmosphere. With all of this in place, there is however much more that these extravagant islands have to offer. After waking up each morning on the island and enjoying all its amenities during the day, there is much more to look forward to in the night. Besides fine dining and walking on the beachside, the nightlife on the BVI is very impressive. There are a number of places that provides a fantastic nightlife experience.

Willie T

Aboard this floating yacht, tourist always has a great time. There is the bar that serves up some of the best beverages and the food is excellent as well. At night visitors enjoy the music and specials on beers and tropical cocktails. It’s is traditional to jump of the boat into the cool crisp water below. On the boat, you can enjoy lots of games such as the Ring & Hook game, where you can swing a ring one string to attach to a hook. There is also the Dime in a Bottle game that many young and old can enjoy on the boat. Most of the night attraction on this boa though, is the food, bar, and music.

Bomba’s Surfside Shack, Tortola

The Bomba Surfside Shack is an adult only spot where traveling couples and locals can enjoy themselves. It was built in 1979 for parties and nighttime hangouts. It’s a small little shack built out of wooden boat parts, decorated with colorful graffiti. They serve sum of the best rum punches on Tortola. There is also the full moon party that gets the visitors excited to be at the shack. With a live band play all night, it’s sure to get you dancing the night away. This shack has all the best tropical drinks you can think of. Sometimes you can even see the local vendors serving up BBQ’s and other munchies across the street. The owner, Mr. ‘Bomba’, makes sure that his parties are filled with island cheer and fun relaxation by the beach.

Pusser’s, Road Town

If you looking to have a real hearty time, then Pusser’s at Road Town is the place to be. Overlooking the harbor, this restaurant & pub carries a verity of dishes. Many often come here each year to delight in the famous Jerk Chicken & Jerk Pork. There are even fish and chips, sirloin burgers, pizzas, and spicy breaded shrimp all at a reasonable price. The excellent food service at Pusser’s, made it one of the highest ranking nightlife attractions. There is a special on beverages at happy hour that some guests have found to be quite excellent. You can take home some of the some of the Pusser’s Rum from the gift shop inside the building. You can enjoy the music from the outside porch while enjoying s scrumptious meal. The Pusser’s shops offers some great gifts that you can take back home as souvenir. So if you want a nice and lively place to enjoy for the night on your BVI vacation, Pusser’s is certainly a great place to start.

Myett’s, Tortola

The Tortola nightlight is like a paradise with all the access to great food, excellent live music, and ocean front parties. The Myett’s Garden Restaurant is one of such places that offer up excellent nighttime services. Not only is the food excellent, the atmosphere is so inviting. Happy hour is between 4 and 6 pm in the winter time, and 5 to 7 in the summer. By dinner time, the place starts to fill with many excites visitors looking to enjoy the night with good food and refreshing drinks. There is live entertainment every night and music concerts all throughout the day. Its child friendly and there is some fun activities during the night for the entire family. It located at Cane Garden Bay, about 30 to 40 minutes away from Road Town.

Stanley’s Welcome Bar

The Stanley’s Welcome Bar has a great menu selection. Ranked fourth as one of the best places to go at night, it is a vacationer’s dream nightlife spot. You can sit outside under palm trees and enjoy a cool refreshing beer at night. On the menu, you will find a wide variety of options. Some of the meals include burgers, pasta, salads, steaks, and fresh fish. Just reading the menu is bound to make your mouth water. Everyone who comes can just sit, relax, and enjoy their meals. It is a beach bar, so the water front is just a few steps away, where all guests can dip their feet into the water after a scrumptious dinner. The friendly staff at Stanley’s Bar makes the experience even more delightful. You can order shots while chumming down and a hearty cheese burger. The atmosphere is always full of laughter, and there is never a dull moment. Visiting this Bar is sure to keep you wanting to stay forever on the island of Tortola. Next time you want to travel to the BVI, be sure to bring you appetite for fun, fun, and nighttime flavor. 

Shopping in British Virgin Islands

Shopping anywhere can be a great pastime. The BVI is one of the great places to get some of the world’s unique gifts and other wonderful things. These four islands are spread with a lot of craft shops, gift shops, water sport shops, clothing stores, and various wine & beverage stores. Here are some of the top 5 best places to shop on the British Virgin Islands:

Dive BVI, Virgin Gorda

The Dive BVI has been around for 36 years. It has specialty shops that focus on water equipments and scuba diving tours. The Dive British Virgin Islands has a range of products in store. Visitors can even take advantage of the rentals and other services. There are approximately four locations on the island of Virgin Gorda. One of which is located at the Scrub Resort. Visitors can explore the area and find some of the most amazing things to take back home. Located in Spanish Town, BVI and has five custom dive boats.

White Squall II, Road Town

The White Squall II is another great way to shop. It often transports visitors to specialty shops that facilitate older children. This schooner often takes visitor to places such as Normal Island, Peter Island, and you can go snorkeling during the day. When this boat docks at the islands, visitors are able to see a verity of shops. Gift shops are the most common around the area. However, when you are on the White Squall, you have all that you need, such as scuba diving equipment. Most the time, you are just relaxing on the schooner while enjoy some rum or eating lunch. It sails all around and stops at the caves, the baths, and other fun attractions, allowing you to take a dive into the water.

Pusser’s, Road Town

At the Pusser’s Company store, they offer some of the best traditional rum on Tortola. The company store carries a whole line of Pusser’s products, such as the Pusser’s navy Cup. Their retail stores also feature a wide selection of Pusser’s tropical and Nautical attire. The store also offers Skipper’s Shirts, Sailing Shorts, Yacht Sun Protector Shirt, and Crew Shorts. They also have verity of accessories, drink mix, some island spices such as chutney, and many more items. Be sure to get Pusser’s famous “Painkiller” cocktail mixed with dark rum. It’s not only a great place to eat, but also a very convenient and lots of fun.

Myett’s, Tortola

Myett’s Tortola has quite a few gifts shops around the area. One of such shops is called Olivia’s Corner Store. This store features a verity of interesting items such as local arts and crafts, books, cards, cameras, adult and children tropical clothing such as swimsuits, T-shirts, Cuban cigars, skin care products, and so much more. This store is known as one of BVI’s favorite stop shop. You can even purchase soulful Caribbean music to take back home. If you want to, you can also get some of the islands’ best spices at this location. It’s open from 9 and closes at 7 pm. So if you want to do some shipping before enjoying a great lunch or dinner at Myett’s Bar & Grille, it’s the perfect place to get all you gift items.

BVI Scuba Co, Road Town

The British Virgin Islands BVI Scuba Co. is located almost a quarter of a mile in Road Town at Inner Harbor Marina. They specialize in sale and rentals of snorkeling equipments, fast tank fills, and diving lessons. They offer diving services so that they can charter boats around the BVI. Visitors can pay for the services of a personal and private instructor no matter their level of diving abilities. However, they also offer free delivery and pick-up of rental equipments if visitors choose to do this on their own. The company works together with Jost Van Dyke Scuba to make it easier to transit to and fro from West End for diving activities. Transportation is free, and all who takes part in the services, is sure to have a good time. 

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