Best Caribbean Island for Kids

Winters can be tough and cold, but not when you beat the cold with a hot and happening Caribbean tour with your family. But then, how can you take your kids along on a lengthy your with the assurance that they would not cry their throats out of sheer boredom? Also, how do kids fit into the crazy adventure sporting activities you had planned for the dream Caribbean vacation? Thankfully, there are many Caribbean islands that appeal to the demand of kids and adults alike and hence serve as the perfect getaways for families. From resorts offering world class children supervision to specially crafted children centric activities bundled with the accommodation packages, there are so many things to look forward to while on a trip to the Caribbean with your family. Hence, there is no cause for concern as regards your kids on a Caribbean vacation.

Grand Cayman features a whole menu of activities that can excite you as well as your kids. For instance, getting the opportunity to interact and feed with marine creatures isn’t something any of your family members is likely to refuse. Grand Cayman’s Stingray City easily manages to top the popularity charts of tourist spots in the region. Trainers here are friendly and do all they can to please and appease your kids if the sight of giant stingrays freaks them out.

Dominican Republic is another special Caribbean getaway for families as there are several irresistible activities for kids around here. Kids can enjoy snorkelling when not taking on some crazy activity in one of the several family resorts here. Club Med Punta Cana is a literal paradise for kids in Dominican Republic as they hang out with the staff and try their hands at a game or two of tennis. The circus school presents the perfect jumping and flying opportunities in the form of the flying trapeze.

Then, Westin Kids Club makes U.S. Virgin Islands’ St. Thomas a cool spot for families as both adults and kids enjoy to their hearts’ content here. Whereas adults can enjoy the rustic charms of the island and indulge in adrenaline pumping water sports activities, kids can enjoy multiple activities at the resorts and even around the beaches. St. Thomas is a rather calm place, and if your kids get easily disgruntled by the swarms of tourists you are bound to encounter on most islands of the Caribbean, it becomes all the more attractive. And then, you can easily hop in on a ferry and head to the more happening St John in U.s. Virgin Islands.

St. John’s Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort & Spa is the island’s sole all inclusive resort and a heaven for parents who wish to enjoy their Caribbean vacation to the fullest by not being worried about having to dig inside their pockets every hour. Family excursions as amazing and inviting as kayaking and sailing ensure that you and your kids get to spend some real quality time here. And then, there are family movie nights to entertain you and let the celebrations extend late into the night.

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