barbados island

Barbados Island

Barbados Island is as good a getaway from the monotonies of life as any in the Caribbean, and it is so for both the locals and the visitors to the island. Harrison’s Cave in Barbados is such a well known tourist attraction that it is not uncommon for even the hardest to please travel experts to dub it as the unofficial eighth wonder of the world. This crystallized limestone cavern stretches to three miles underground, and takes visitors right into the lap of the purest form of nature. And the best part about Barbados is that the Harrison Cave is just the beginning of the adventure!

This 166 square mile island is nothing short of an absolute paradise of wonderfully attractive natural hotspots. Per square mile density of tourist attractions is a pretty unique parameter to judge a tourism destination on, but Barbados Island easily qualifies as the list leader if this were an accurate indicator. All popular locations that you are likely to visit in Barbados spread the fragrance of the unique Barbadian culture. Experiences and encounters with chattel houses, the Tuck Band and Bajan Land-ship will definitely open you up and vivify you from inside.

Land and sea are both your playgrounds when you are out to have some hard boiled fun and pleasure in Barbados. Beauty over the sea surface is attractive alright, but the benchmarks hit new heights when you go deep into the oceans to experience unadulterated beauty of the marine life in action.

The extreme north of the island is the Animal Flower Cave, an astonishing natural marvel. Several chambers and natural pools await your presence in the Animal Flower Cave as you book your date with the sea and the amazing creatures it houses. There are several other underwater expeditions up for grabs in Barbados. And just in case you wish for some change from the waters, plan a trip to St. Nicholas Abbey, one of the most loved and magnificent pieces of architecture in Barbados. With a history of more than three centuries to glorify it, St. Nicholas Abbey easily qualifies as one of the most authentic heritage sites in Barbados.

Barbados Island wildlife is as unique as everything else on the island. The Wildlife Reserve in Barbados attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The grove of towering trees acts as the perfect and a very scenic natural habitat for several species.

It is highly recommended that you choose to stay in a beachside hotel that offers a scenic view of the clear ocean water and is located at a short walking distance from the beach. This shall certainly help you make the most of your trip. Not only does do you come closer to the beach vibes of Barbados, but you also save the time you would otherwise have to spend on transit. Beach View Hotel, Little Arches Hotel, Cobblers Cove, Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa and Southern Surf Beach Apartments are among the most popular high end accommodation options in Barbados.

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