Anguilla Island

Anguilla is a heaven of islands lying in the Lesser Antilles. With the world renowned island of Anguilla itself, and many others around the region, Anguilla has made rapid leaps on the popularity charts of tourism circuits around the globe, and especially the Caribbean region. Anguilla Island is a store house of wonderful beach side locations that match the best in the British West Indies. The 26 km long stretch of sand path that lines the Anguilla beach is an absolute treasure trove of sensations for first time visitors. Frequent travellers find it hard to resist the temptation of doing a repeat trip to Anguilla rather than explore any other part of the world.

Despite not being the most expansive territory in the Caribbean region, Anguilla Island is so well endowed with sand on its beaches that the sea side experiences one gets here are a class apart from others. Imagine the sensation of your feet trotting on a pampering and caressing sand bed as a light breeze runs past your face and the scents of the waters and land enliven your nostrils! A walk along the beach side in Anguilla is an absolutely stunning and soulful experience, and such expressions are becoming a regular feature of the travel anecdotes of travellers to this place.

Food is something inseparable from the Caribbean culture, and Anguilla Island succeeds in adhering to the high standards set by this part of the world. The beaches of this place are lined with such a huge variety of restaurants, eating joints and cafes that one could easily be overwhelmed by the share magnitude of the number of choices. From a wholesome meal in a speciality restaurant to a laid back session of drinks with friends along the beachside with some snacks from a beach shack to complement, food in Anguilla comes in all shapes, sizes, textures and tastes. Anguillan cuisine is a delectable cocktail of Caribbean, African, Spanish, French and English cuisines.

Travellers often tend to believe misconceptions that Anguilla is among the more expensive and hard to reach Caribbean destinations, but there could hardly be anything as distant from truth as these misconceptions. On could easily book for a flight to the neighbouring major hubs and then take a boat to Anguilla rather than spending much on a flight straight to Anguilla. This is such an enjoyable route to Anguilla that you might even be tempted to repeat the route every time, in spite of having the resources of getting on to direct flights.

Accommodation and lodging in Anguilla island spreads far and wide, the result being that visitors have ample options to pick from considering their requirements and budget. There are luxury resorts for the more resourceful travellers, and affordable options for those who do not mind doing away with the sauna bath and take a closer look at life in Anguilla, especially when one chooses to stay in a privately owned lodge.

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